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Does your business need to work with a marketing agency?

Every business reaches a crossroads where they want to take their business to the next level. When you reach this point you must look at how your business is doing. Which part of your current business model is being left behind and forgotten about? From our experience, many businesses tend to let their marketing slip when things start to get busy and it is at this point you should be asking yourself, should I work with an agency?

Some small businesses find it easier to keep their marketing in house. If you employ an experienced marketer they could potentially take on the workload. You need to consider if this is the best use of their time and if they can do it alone or if they'll need agency back up.

Whether you need a little marketing help or a lot, looking for help allows you to get back to focusing on the things you love doing. If you have been asking yourself whether or not you should outsource your marketing to an agency like Sophie Jones Social then keep could take your small business to the next level.


Marketing agencies contain marketers. Each marketer has their own strength within the marketing field. Some might be project managers while others might be content creators, SEO specialists, social media managers or copywriters. These marketers are waiting to use their skills and knowledge to help improve your current marketing strategy.

The marketing industry is constantly changing. Good marketers spend a portion of their working week reading industry news, attending webinars and completing courses so that their knowledge is up to date.


Hiring an agency can allow you to keep costs low. You do not need to spend the time and money hiring a qualified team or paying for marketing software because there are already people out there that are skilled marketers. You can hire marketing agencies on a retainer which means you have a team that is there when you need them to be. They are just invested in your business and its values but for a fraction of the cost.


Marketing isn't easy and if you have had to do your own marketing, you'll know this. Marketing agencies bring a dose of creativity to your business. A fresh pair of eyes can offer a whole new perspective and can put some new, exciting ideas on the table. They work with a variety of industries which means they experience creativity day in and day out. This can help them produce new ideas and add further value to your business.


An external marketing agency is not biased or influenced by the current setup your company has. They can look at it and consider whether your objectives are aligned with your purpose, values and mission. Re-strategising can help your small business re-gain perspective putting it back on the right track towards growth.

Are you looking to outsource your marketing? Let's have a conversation.

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