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Smiddy Croft 

Smiddy Croft is a Skye Family-run business with hospitality at the hear of everything they do. Please find out more about our work with them below. 

Social Media Management
Website & Booking System 

We manage all of Smiddy Croft's social media channels. These include Instagram and  Facebook.


Although Smiddy Croft had social media channels they were not being used. This was not providing an opportunity to connect with potential customers. When you are booking accommodation you are spending a lot of money to create memories to last a life time and we want to help show that Smiddy Croft is the place to do that in Skye. Showcasing Smiddy Croft and Skye helps building trust and a relationship between Jacqueline and potential guests. 

Smiddy Croft was changing from a B&B to self-catering accommodation and needed a website and booking system to reflect this. We communicated with Jacqueline to understand her needs and find the easiest way for customers to book a stay at Smiddy Croft. By adding a new booking system which links with Air BnB, Jacqueline can have confidence that guests have an easy process when booking and eliminates the chances of double booking.

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