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Scroll through some testimonials from our lovely clients. We work with a diverse range of Small Businesses across different industries, which keeps things interesting.  

Sawmill Contracts

Our role: External Marketing Team 

"Working with Sophie Jones Social has allowed us to focus on other areas of our business while knowing a key part is in great hands. SJS has been professional, patient and very knowledgeable about our industry (construction). They have allowed us to give our clients a visual of our business and we can't wait to see where it takes us."

Skye Barber

Our role: Social Media Consultancy and Website Design

"Sophie Jones Social has been brilliant for my business. It's given me a new confidence within my social media and how to get the most out of using it. From the start Sophie has been so approachable and friendly to work with. My social media has improved and I can clearly see the positive results of Sophie's input. I would highly recommend Sophie Jones Social." 

The Planner Addict

Our role: Social Media Management and Copywriting 

"I am very glad I hired Sophie. She is very sincere and adheres to all deadlines correctly. Her writing (for blogs and Social Media) is very good and she is very intuitive about what we want. She manages our Social Media very well and it is steadily growing." 

Tough Titties Textiles

Our role: Social Media Management 

"Sophie Jones Social has made my business possible. With their creativity and reliability, I can focus on what really matters." 

DJ Sage

Our role: Social Media Management 

"Working with SJS is similar to being surrounded by a treasure trove full of energising ideas and strategies that will help move your ideas forward. Everything comes to life so easily, because they are always so interested in you as a person, and in your business. Creating everything effectively alongside you, it then all fits together like a hand in a glove. Their attention to detail, the level of communicating to understand and the support they offer collectively and individually, is invaluable. I feel supported and reassured and listened to at all times. I recommend their services to anyone who wants their ideas put into action and become more visible as they share themselves with the world."

Alice McCann

Our role: Website Design

"I am delighted with my website Sophie made with me. From the very start, I felt that I was in safe hands. She communicated well at all times and was patient with me (as I find working with technology quite hard at times). I trust her to help me in future if needed with any wee glitches which is reassuring. Sophie listened to me when I explained my vision for my website and due to her previous experience from working on similar websites (I am a Counsellor) she gave me several pieces of invaluable advice. Since my website has launched I have had many compliments about it and I feel it reflects my personality and business well. I have previous experience of working with another web designer and had the opposite experience so I know how important it is to get the right person. Thank You Sophie Jones Social."

Jones and Taylor LTD

Our role: External Marketing Agency

"Sophie Jones Social has been a life saver for my company. I have been looking at ways to increase sales in my online fabric business and came to the conclusion that I need Social Media.  This is an area I have no expertise in and do not have the time to learn.  I decided the only way forward was to hire someone with the knowledge and experience in Social Media to do the job. Sophie has been a perfect fit for us as she has the ability to listen to what we need and fulfil the brief. I was hesitant to get a company in to help as their fees are quite high for a small company like mine. Sometimes you don’t get what you ask for.  Sophie is affordable and also gives great value for money. She has fulfilled our brief and offered suggestions on how to further develop our online sales through digital media. Sales have increased, I don’t have to worry any more about what I should be doing and have peace of mind that my social media is ticking away in the background whilst I deal to all my new orders and enquiries. Sophie has a very pleasant manner, easy to talk through ideas with, she takes notes and then comes back with helpful suggestions. Sophie has done everything I have asked of her leaving me with more I could be doing when I’m ready. Her short term contracts suit my business and if when I need more help she comes on board.  Even though Sophie lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and my business is in New Zealand this has not made any difference to her level of service.  We converse via email and/or zoom if required, she works out the time zones and lets me know. We continue to call on Sophies’ expertise and she is only too willing to oblige and I thank her for that."

Sheila Mae Hamilton 

Our role: Website Design 

"Sophie guided me very gently and ably through the process of creating a website. I felt in a safe pair of hands. She was extremely patient about my frequent redrafting and editing and she gave me honest and clear feedback about the content. We worked together to choose colours, style, design etc. and I felt fully supported by her in ensuring that my website accurately portrays my values, my business and my way of working. I experienced Sophie as both extremely professional and very sensitive to my needs as a client. If you are creating or updating your website, I have no hesitation in recommending Sophie Jones Social."

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