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Sawmill Contracts

Sawmill Contracts is a construction company specialising in extensions and renovations based in Edinburgh and The Lothians. Please find out more about our work as their marketing agency below. 

Social Media Management 

We manage all of Sawmill Contracts' social media channels. These include Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Previously Sawmill's social media posts were stock image heavy. This was not connecting with their audience who wanted to see what they could deliver. When you build an extension or start a home renovation, you are spending a lot of money which means you need to trust the company you pick to work with. Showcasing previous projects is a starting point in building trust between you and a potential customer. 

We encouraged Sawmill Contracts to have Cammy (a photographer) visit past sites and capture the work Sawmill has done. Sawmill Contracts now have a catalogue of images to showcase their work and we have used these on social media to help them connect with their audience. 

We have seen the impact these images have had. Followers can now see the high level of workmanship Sawmill Contracts offers. They get to follow along on projects and see behind the scenes.

As well as social media we post monthly blogs for Sawmill on their website to help with SEO and update the website with new projects/details regularly. 

Visit Sawmill Contracts here

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