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Changing Lanes: How we helped DJ Sage's branding evolve.

The idea

Angie (DJ Sage) came to us just before summer needing help with her social media. DJ Sage is an events company that aims to inspire healing through the joy of music. The original concept was to allow people in her local community to 'Shake They Stress Away' by joining her for a silent disco across a number of parks within Edinburgh.

Brand strategy

Like with any client of ours, our first step was to dive into a brand strategy. It not only allows us to have a clear image of the business we are helping but also allows the client to gain focus and clarity on their journey and goals.

Logo help

Angie had a number of ideas of how she wanted to present DJ Sage to the world, which is a common problem with any new business. It's an exciting journey after all! Angie had already gone through the logo design stage and had a number of different options. We helped her focus on a few to help keep her branding consistent.

Social Media Content

The content for the summer was about the 'Shake Your Stress Away' events. We also wanted to introduce Angie to the world and help build up her personal profile.

Rebrand to aline with the new focus

As the 'Shake Your Stress Away' events came to an end, DJ Sage was expanding and taking a new route, 'DJ Sage on Tour'. Angie felt that it was time for a change and wanted to elevate her brand. Looking back on the old logo (pictured above) it was too busy and needed to be streamlined. This would allow her to not only connect with people in the local community but also businesses that wanted to help their employees press the restart button and energise within the workspace.

We loved working with Angie across her social media and wider marketing. Discover DJ Sage here.

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