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5 Ways to Support a Small Business for Free this Festive Season

The temperatures are dropping and Christmas is on its way. Small Businesses are facing a scary winter due to the cost of living crisis and the aftermath of the pandemic. For many Christmas may not look the same this year and it's important we acknowledge this by showing you some of the ways you can support a small business during the festive season for free. Remember small actions can make a big difference!

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What is the first thing many people do when deciding on where to eat or what to buy? Read the reviews of course! Your words can

go a long way to helping future customers find a small business. Think back to some of your favourite businesses and consider going back to leave them a glowing review, it will make their day!

Some places you can leave a review:

  • A Facebook business page

  • Google

  • Trip Advisor

  • Emailing it to the business

Tell friends and family

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing. Your family and friends already trust you and your opinion. If you recommend a business to them or a product, they are far more likely to buy it! Chances are they will feel the same way about it as you did and there's no better time to share this information than when it could be added to your Christmas list (only if you've been good of course)!

Follow the business on social media

If you like what a small business offers, follow them on social media so you can stay up to date when it comes to new products and services. Now you know we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to followers but there can be strength in numbers, especially for small businesses. Having a large following can help businesses stand out, get found, and flourish while competing with the competition that may have a larger marketing budget. The bottom line is if you like a business, give them a follow!

Engage with the business on social media

Once you have started following these businesses online why stop there? Engage with them by liking posts and stories, commenting on posts or sending a direct message. You could even share a post to your own Instagram stories (mo

dern-day word of mouth!). If everyone did this, the success of small businesses could be enormous. Likes and comments go a lot further than you may think so the next time you are scrolling give the picture a double tap, it's that easy.

Sign up for their email list

This may not be relevant for every business out there but more and more small businesses are creating email lists. Email lists allow small business owners to speak to you directly, offer discount codes and learn more about what you want from them. Overall, it's a small ask that brings big results for these businesses as well as giving you the inside scoop.

Be nice (not naughty)

There it is, five ways to support businesses this festive season with minimum effort and without spending a penny. Of course, if you can shop with small businesses this festive season please do!

This was one of our first posts and likes on Instagram!

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