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The power of great brand photography: Sawmill Contracts

Sawmill Contracts
Image for Sawmill Contracts

Great brand photography can help your business stand out against the competition. Have you seen a business's website or social media and it's made you think "uhh I don't think that is their work?" Well, if you have thought that it might be for one of these two reasons:

  1. The imagery is so incredible that it doesn't look like their own.

  2. They are using stock images that anyone can use for free or purchase.

This can be a common problem within the construction industry and one that our client, Sawmill Contracts had. We enlisted the help of our photographer Cameron Rennie. Cammy then helped Sawmill Contracts level up by taking professional images for their website and social media.

How can brand photography benefit your business?

The most obvious benefit is that brand photography either shows potential customers your product, service or yourself and it does so in the best possible light. Professional images can improve your website, social media, email marketing, and offline marketing materials like newsletters. They can also improve your personal image as a business owner.

Images allow customers to connect visually with your business. For example, Sawmill Contracts specialises in luxury extensions and home renovations. Their customers can now view the work they have done and picture themselves having something similar done to their home, it builds trust.

Brand photography will help you stand out. There are so many images out there that may be similar to what you can provide but the original is always better. Just look at the example below from Sawmill Contracts, it looks realistic and achievable.

When you bring in a photographer you will have a bank of images that can be reused and repurposed across all content platforms for a long period of time. The more images you have the better but even small numbers can make a huge difference. Cameron provided Sawmill Contracts with at least ten images from each property they have worked on. These can now be used across the website and on social media by us, in posts, reels and stories. Having good-quality images at your fingertips is a marketing agency's dream! They really help improve and spice up the content.

Sawmill Contracts
Image for Sawmill Contracts.

Ready to get snapped?

Cameron is our in-house photographer here at Sophie Jones Social. Our clients could not recommend him enough and we think he is pretty great! If you are considering getting snapped then please get in touch by emailing and we will get the wheels in motion.

Check out Sawmill Contracts here!

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