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Keep your marketing HOT over Summer.

With the temperatures climbing and summer holidays in full swing, we can officially say that summer has arrived. We are huge fans of summer but we don't love the drop in social media engagement during this season. It can leave business owners confused and worried. We are here to tell you it's normal and offer you some tips on making the most of your summer of marketing.

During the summer months people often leave their typical working and shopping routines behind and head to the beach. This gives you the opportunity to pause, plan and play. You shouldn't stop your social marketing efforts just because engagement is down but it's a great time to zoom out and then start planning for the future. Let's look at some way's you can improve and maintain your marketing over the summer months:

Diversify your marketing

Just because engagement on social media is down, doesn't mean the engagement across other marketing channels is down as well. Look at how you can diversify your marketing and start planning now. You might not be currently doing email marketing and this could be a marketing channel that you could introduce to help you connect with your customers. Don't forget that social media is rented land and could be taken away at any moment. Don't loose your business because you didn't diversify your marketing.

Don't Stop

You can take a holiday but your content can't. While everyone around you is going on holiday, now is the time to plan ahead and schedule content well in advance. Lets be honest you don't want to miss out on cocktails in the sun because you didn't pre-plan your content.

Summer is here and it's time to enjoy it, just make sure you don't go silent on socials.

Try out some different content

Summer is the time to experiment. With less people active on social media it's the perfect time to try out content you might not risk normally posting.

You could give your followers access to the inner workings of your business by taking them behind the scenes. This will also allow you to bulk out your content, when you may be stuck for ideas.

People love to look inside other people's lives so use this to your advantage. It may feel a little strange at the time but we have seen great results when clients show people what a regular day in their company looks like. It can be anything from a full day routine to a glimpse of a new project. Let your customers feel like they are a part of your business.

Have fun

We often see drastic shifts when it comes to engagement online but it's not just engagement that changes. We are currently seeing a shift from uploading pictures on platforms like Instagram to posting reels. Video is now the most popular type of content which is why platforms like TikTok are so hot right now.

We understand it can be a challenge to keep up but having fun with content can make it so much easier. Get outdoors, try experimenting with new ideas or concepts and learn from those around you. It can also be easier to create content in the summer months as the weather is better and people tend to be in happier moods, it's amazing what a little sun can do!


We believe that you need to take time out to play, recharge and enjoy the summer time just like everyone else. By taking time out to enjoy something you love be that a week by the beach or a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, you will be able to recharge and come back with more energy and a better perspective on your business.

The Summer of marketing

Although engagement on social media is down over summer, your marketing doesn't need to suffer. We like to use summer to pause, plan and play. Use this time to zoom out and evaluate how your marketing efforts are going and where you want them to go. Schedule your social content ahead of time so that you can enjoy the summer months. Use the power of the sun to push your business forward and remember that our best ideas often come to us when we are lying on a beach!

Feeling uncertain about your summer marketing strategy or simply don't have the time or resources to think about it? Get in touch to see if we can take some of that summer heat off.

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