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Keeping it Real: How to Remain Honest Online

Everyone has heard the saying 'Honest is the best Policy' but are you applying this to your business? Authenticity is valued by clients and customers and can allow for the relationship to grow naturally and have longevity.

Social media bombards the audience constantly with false information and companies taking advantage, which can result in them having trust issues not only with the companies in question but others in the same field. This article take you through the key ways to ensure you remain honest and show your business in the best light.

Be less sell focused

A principle within content marketing is trying not to overtly sell your product or service. Content marketing engages with the audience because it considered what the customer is looking for from the business rather than forcing the business and product on the customer.

Building relationships

The key to a long lasting relationship is to gain trust which can be achieve through your marketing. Engage with the audience by showing them you care, are there for them and want their honest input. This will help you to build trust in the company so that the customer is confident you can deliver the best service for them.

Keep information clear

Businesses can often get carried away with trying to be funny and clever with their content and push for sales. Unless you have developed a good relationship with your audience it may not make the impact you are looking for. People can scroll past your content without even knowing what you are about so keep your message clear and open for communication. Show people you care not only about your product but about them and their engagement.

How to show you care

It is no unknown fact that good quality customer serve and communication is important in business so make sure this remains a focus no matter how big your company may be. If your business is only focus on the sale or deal at the end then you will forget about everyone who is at the stages before. Check in with customers through out their stage of engagement. By showing these people you care it may result in them progressing further down the stages of of a customers journey to the sale. They may be more willing to share your business with others resulting in the growth of your company.


Allow time for open dialogue with your customers. Ensure you are being attentive to their needs and queries, and always reply! Responding quickly and efficiently ensures the customer that you are there for them no matter their needs. With this being said make sure you are not simply telling them what they want to hear if you are unable to meet their requests. This can be done in many forms through online content. Why not try a Question and Answer section on your instagram and save it. This will allow people to refer back to it at a later date. Keeping people informed in this way will also save you time and can result in people continuing to support you.

Stand out

Honesty can still seem alien in the content marketing world as it is a platform designed to sell products. This is why being honest will make your content more memorable and allow you to stand out from the competition who may be using a different approach.

Anyone can tell you how good they or their product are but showing how good you are can make the difference. Making mistakes in companies happens all the time and the public are aware of this. By maintaining a clear vision and honesty throughout your content you can demonstrate to customers that you truly care about them. Social media is a platform to sell your business and yourself so what image do you want to be putting out to people?

If honesty is the way you want to go, then why not get in touch with us here at Sophie Jones Social. We can help you maintain your honest clear vision and help your small business grow in the right way.

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