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How to find the best social media platform for your small business

You can't win them all. When it comes to social media, it isn't always easy to pick the platform your small business should focus on. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn...the list goes on. With specific demographics using different platforms for different reasons where do you begin? We are here to give you a breakdown of the main social media platforms out there and which ones could be the best for your business.


Facebook has a monthly reach of 2.93 billion people making it the most popular social network in the world. You can find just about anyone on Facebook, providing they have access to the internet. This means that your customer base should have a Facebook account.

With such a broad appeal, Facebook allows you to turn your customer base into a community. This can allow you to communicate with your audience as well as them communicating with one another thus promoting your business through word of mouth. It is also a great platform for marketing to people over the age of 25 across different income levels. This being said many people may have Facebook but don't use it or check it as often as others so best to keep this in mind when putting in your time and energy.


Instagram has a monthly reach of 2 billion people with the age group largely being 25-34 year olds (31.2%) closely followed by 18-24 year olds (31%). Photos and short videos with little text do exceptionally well on this platform and have the ability to integrate with Facebook if you were thinking about using both in your marketing. With new filters and features being added to Instagram daily there are new ways to interact with customers such as polls, links, and question stickers. Though Instagram works best for lifestyle and visual brands who can show off their products and services, any business can have a successful presence if their marketing is done correctly. If your looking to have a little fun with marketing campaigns and sharing your service and product this is the platform to use. The audience that uses Instagram tends to use it for a quick fix and view meaning that your content needs to be eye-catching and to the point, if you want it to make an impact with viewers.


The ever-growing, ever-famous TikTok. It became popular during the recent pandemic. This platform is the place all new businesses think they need to be. Currently with 1 billion users, though noting 25% of their audience is aged 10-19, you need to be sure this is the correct platform for you. If your business can keep up with the most recent trendy dance move or challenge you can have a more organic reach than any other social media platform. Unlike other platforms, TikTok users are more focused on discovering new content and not just the people they follow. This makes it a great place to get your brand out into the world if you're willing to work for it.


Best known for its snappy, quick-to-the-point content. With daily activity being the lowest of the platforms mentioned (211 million), the reach isn't as great however Twitter can do amazing things for your business if used in the correct way. Primarily this platform has been used for discussing events, getting breaking news and driving conversation. For many, it can be used as an add-on platform to your primary one. It was never designed for the purpose of marketing and advertising in the same way as Facebook and Instagram but if part of your marketing is to engage in conversation and debate then Twitter may be the place for your business to be.


In terms of professionalism, LinkedIn is unbeatable. It flourishes in the community of workers and business owners who want to connect on a professional level. This platform is more formal than the others explained above as it tends to be businesses and businesses people communication instead of business to consumer. This means that companies seeking other businesses as clients will have greater success than those who market toward an individual consumer.

Need a hand?

At Sophie Jones Social we have people who specialise in social media and can get you the most out of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you're unsure of where to begin on your social media journey then get in touch with us today to discuss your best options. We know it is ever-changing and can be challenging to keep up with when you have a business to run. Let's make life that little bit easier.

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