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5 Ways to Generate More Leads on Your Website.

You have created a website because you want potential customers or clients to visit it. We are guessing you have poured hours into creating content for your target audience and have distributed it on your social media. Still, the leads coming through your website are dry or non-existent. If you feel lost and unsure how you can change this then you have come to the right place. You can employ a variety of marketing frameworks to help drive leads to your website but today we are going to keep it simple and share 5 ways you can generate more leads.

Are you ready to feel unstuck?

1 - Revamp your content marketing

Are you putting out content that connects you with your target audience? That is at the end day, the goal. You can your content to connect and engage your customer so that they visit your website, find out more or buy from you. If your content is not doing this then it might be time to revisit it. Maybe you need to go back to basics and conduct some more research on your target audience or you might need to change your content pillars. It could be something as simple as where you are distributing your content or your call to action could need changing.

2 - Advertise on social media

Sometimes driving leads to your site means using paid advertising. Paid advertising on social media, when used correctly can really help drive leads straight to your website. When these campaigns are set up by experts, your leads will normally be people within your target audience. This can be helpful when you are experiencing a quiet period or have a specific campaign in mind.

3 - Improve website page structure

On average a person is only on a website page for 3-5 seconds. That is how long you have to convert them into an enquiry. This means you need to think seriously about your page structure. What do they want to see when they come onto your website that will make them scroll down? Your website needs to be user-friendly and engaging.

4 - Add contextual internal links

Contextual internal links are an important part of any modern website. The main goal of these links is to direct visitors to related areas of interest within your site. For example, if they are on your services page then maybe the testimonials page would be of interest to them. These links can also help improve your SEO, increasing website leads.

5 - Write pillar pages on your website

Pillar pages demonstrate your subject matter authority and help improve your website's SEO. Think of pillar pages as pages of evergreen content. These could be blog pages or information pages that contain information on subjects you want to be known for. Within these pages mention topics, you want to be ranked for on Google and keywords that will help you rank. These pages or blogs sit on your website and help improve your SEO, generating website more leads for your website.

Generating more leads for your website

You now have a better idea of how you can generate more leads for your website using these 5 ways we have spoken about. Our biggest tip is to never let your website collect dust. Keep working on it and your leads will come in.

If you would like a hand with generating leads for your website or SEO, then get in touch with us today.

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