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4 Copywriting Secrets for your Small Business

Copywriting is an essential marketing component. We are all aware of how powerful words can be. Thomas Kidd once said, "Apt, passionate words, delivered at the right moment, sometimes change the course of history". He is of course right in saying this, they do and they have. Copywriting is an often underrated skill but at its very core, it is words and writing.

Copywriting can help your small business be seen and heard both online and offline. Brilliant copywriting can change the fortune of your whole business when used in line with a solid content marketing and wider marketing strategy.

It does take time and skill which is where a copywriter and marketing agency can work with you to achieve great things. Copywriters can work on your:

  • Websites

  • Marketing Materials

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Newsletters

Copywriting is an effective and powerful marketing tool which utilises words in order to build relationships with customers while also improving engagement and increasing sales.

The objective of writing good copy is to get your audience to do something: engage, share, click or buy. The words used can make a significant difference, why? Because it allows customers to understand and trust your brand on their own terms.

Copywriting allows you to tell the world why you're different and why your business matters while competing with similar companies for your customer's attention.

4 Copywriting Secrets for your Small Business

Keep Things Consistent

By being coherent, copywriting ensures that your brand's unique voice is consistent throughout your content. This allows your audience to identify with you easily amongst all the noise of other competition. Regardless of which platform you are using whether it is a website, social media, or newsletters, your audience needs to know it's you that's speaking to them every time and a copywriter can help you achieve this. For example, if you are a therapist you might want your copy to be informative, calm, peaceful and inviting. Making sure the tone of your copywriting is consistent will improve your marketing.

Allow Customers To Find You

Quality copywriting is like having a top salesperson selling you a product or service around the clock. In this digital era, your online presence matters and when copywriting is done the right way it can produce good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). If your copy is in alignment with online searches, there is potential for you to gain a connection with your target audience when they are searching online. A good copywriter will produce content that contains keywords which will help your target audience find you. You can start the keyword research process by simply typing into Google the first word of your business, for example, Marketing. See which 'search suggestions' pop up and keep these in a document. They are a good indication of what people are searching for.

Build The Trust

It is through good copywriting that small businesses can connect on a personal and emotional level with an audience. A successful copywriter must engage your audience and make them feel something which then gives them the motivation to act - be that from a need to belong, hope for a solution or out of fear of being left behind. The ultimate goal is to have them interact and purchase from your business. How could you emotionally connect with your customers through the power of copywriting?

Achieve Your Business Goals

Your branding is how you portray your business to the world, this can have a significant impact on the buying habits of your target audience. Copywriting allows for your brand and business goals to align and for you to reach your audience whilst also educating them. Copywriting must communicate an effective call to action that drives sales and helps your business grow. A call to action could be, to click the link in our bio to find out more, double tap if you love this post, save this for later or buy now to avoid disappointment!

Take Action!

The benefits of copywriting for small businesses are undeniable. However, not every business owner has the time, ability or resources to do their own copywriting.

Don't let that stand in your way, take action and get in touch with us here at Sophie Jones Social.

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