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Why growing organically on social media is important.

Once upon a time, social media was created to connect you with your friends and family. Fast forward to today, it's now an essential business marketing tool. In the early days of social media, a business would only post content organically, instead of using paid ads. Now a mixture of organic content and paid ads is a recipe for success. You now have to fight to be seen on social media and to gain the trust of potential customers, it's much bigger than it was. We still believe in the power of organic content, but what is it and how has it changed over the years?

What is organic content?

Organic content is any unpaid marketing content that existing and potential customers can find naturally. Rather than paying for your content to be seen either via advertisements or influencers, marketers can create organic content at no extra cost to help reach potential customers.

4 Benefits of organic content

Organic content can benefit your social media in many ways:

Establish a brand: Social media is such a great place for storytelling. It is personal and allows potential customers to get to know you, your team and 'your brand'. Everyone has a story about why they created a product or started to offer a service, social media is your place to share it. Posting regularly and being constant with your branding also helps establish your brand.

Save some money: As a small business there is always another use for your money and if content can be shared and engaged with at little to no cost then we believe this is the best option. Your marketing budget can always be used elsewhere (perhaps on updating your website!).

Build relationships: Organic content can be viewed as being more authentic especially if the content is typically relevant and helpful.

Steady Growth: We understand everyone's dream is to have their business be the biggest success it can be and sometimes you want this sooner than you can cope with. Producing organic content can allow you to steadily build an audience and clients/sales.

5 Ways to grow organically

Engage with other accounts - It isn't enough to just post! You need to be engaging with your audience and other people in your industry. It's all about building relationships.

Be consistent - To give yourself the best opportunity to remain at the forefront of people's minds they need to see you on their feed.

Show behind the business - We have found content that includes you and your business is always popular. It is personal and allows your audience to feel a part of something.

Understand your audience - For your audience to return they need to be interested in what you are posting. Look back at what posts have worked in the past to learn what to post in the future. You could even ask your audience what content they would like to see from you which may encourage them to share it with their friends.

Use relevant and competitive hashtags - Hashtags are still one of the best ways to reach new audiences, they are used as a reference to categorise your content and push it to an interested audience.

Paid VS Organic

Paid and organic are often pitted against each other when actually they work best together. Using both will help you gain more leads and make more sales. Before diving into the world of paid ads though, take some time to focus on quality. There is no point putting out a paid ad if you don't have a hook and attractive assets. Spend time researching what you can do to achieve the right results. Our top tip is to test potential ads organically and see how your existing audience reacts. Then pick your top-performing ones and use those for ads. Always monitor your ads and make changes where needed to optimise your results.

If you are looking for some social media advice, get in touch with us

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