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What is a Visual Identity and how can it help your business?

First impressions are crucial and the truth is potential customers will see your visual branding before they see anything else, which is why it's so important.

Visual Identity consists of design elements that are carefully selected such as colours, materials, shapes, fonts and functionality. Be aware that it is not the same as branding. Branding identity refers to the internal aspects of the business such as mission, brand voice and brand personality. Visual identity is what visually communicates a company's values and personality to the audience. The aim is to make an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer through colour, shapes and fonts through means such as websites and social media.

A successful visual identity creates a memorable experience for the consumer in order to make them trust you and your company, encouraging them to come back to your business if they are in need of your service or product. It is one of the best tools you could have to form a relationship and connection with your customers.

How it can help your business

Potential customers need to be attracted to your business immediately and your visual identity will ensure this happens and they will want to learn more. An effective visual identity will attract your ideal clients and explain what your company is about, show the values of your business and use your brand voice in the correct way.

It is important to have your brand strategy before creating your visual identity. If you try to create a visual identity without considering how it fits into the full picture of your brand strategy you risk wasting time and money that you may not have which in the long run will not resonate with the audience in the way you intend it to.

How to design a visual identity

There are plenty of brands with visual identities that can showcase the importance of getting it right. When you think of a specific colour a business may come to your mind straight away. For example, red may make you think of coca-cola whereas blue and yellow may make you think of IKEA. Visual Identity not only makes your company look good but it all evokes emotions in your audience and allows them to connect with you time and time again. Here are a few things we think will help you get started:

Define your brand identity - What do you want your company to be?

Embrace your creative side - If you are unsure what colours work best for your business, work with a professional design team to get your image on track.

Keep it simple - It is easy to get carried away. If you try to showcase too many ideas at once through your visual identity, you will end up confusing your audience.

Keep it consistent - your company may evolve, and you may work to be across many platforms from email to Instagram to Twitter. Be sure to keep colours and logos the same on all so your audience knows it's you without thinking about it.

Are you ready to create a visual identity that will see your business through the years and create a long-lasting relationship with your audience? Sophie Jones Social has an in-house designer and we can help you create a strong visual identity. If this is something you are looking for, make an enquiry.

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